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Nov 4th, 2010 Dental crowns in London w.1 Get in touch

Even in London’s W.1, sometimes a tooth will decay (possibly fall out), either through injury or bad oral hygiene and to avoid any further complications, action must be taken. In most cases a crown may be required to restore the tooth to its former glory. A crown is like a cap that that fits over the damaged tooth (or an implant in the case of a missing tooth) and mimics the look of the original. Once the decision is made to have a crown fitted, then it’s down to your choice of material the crown is fabricated from. Ceramic/porcelain’s are the more natural looking choice though they are not very strong (as are all-resin ones), so their placement is important to avoid too much biting pressure. A hybrid of these is the porcelain over metal crown and a lot stronger. If it’s bling you’re after then the obvious choice is gold alloy. These are very hard wearing and resistant to biting pressures. Having a crown fitted can be done in two visits (or in the case of CEREC treatment, one sitting). The tooth must be prepared and in the case of decay or damage, a root canal may be necessary first. Once a mould is taken and the crown fabricated, then it is cemented into place. Prices start from around £150 for a resin crown and up to £500 for a gold one.

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