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Apr 9th, 2010 Dental Emergencies and how to deal with them by a Central London dentist Get in touch

A Dental Emergency is as important as a medical one says a dentist in Central London. There are many measures we can do at home when such a situation occurs, so it isn’t always about getting to a dentist in the middle of the night. Some very good `old wives tales` provide us with some very ingenuitive ways to temporarily treat a dental emergency, but it is also important to get to a dentist to look at the problem as soon as possible. One measure is a simple kit that is available in most chemists, most of us have a medical box with plasters, ointment and bandages in it, but not many people think about being prepared for a dental emergency in the night. The kits generally consist of a bottle of Oil of Cloves, dental cement and baby bud style applicators. A tooth ache is the most common emergency and this is quickly taken care of with a dab of Oil of Cloves, this works almost instantly by reacting on the tooth and producing heat. This is a great way to numb the tooth and the ache. The tooth is made up of layers and is quite porous so the oil will quickly be absorbed. A chipped tooth or a crack is another matter altogether, and this will require a bit more skill to make a temporary repair. If you don’t have a dental kit then covering the exposed part of the tooth with a sugar free gum will also do the trick. If you have a kit then use the dental cement to cover the crack or exposed part of the tooth, do not use Oil of Clover on a tooth with an exposed part. The dental cement will protect it from further damage whilst not harming what is left. Get to a dentist as soon as possible afterwards.

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