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Mar 4th, 2015 Dental Emergency? Don’t Worry! Get in touch

2839654_blogIf you have a dental emergency and you need urgent assistance, don’t worry! At Aqua Dental Spa, we understand that accidents happen at all times of the day and we do our best to see patients and patch them up as quickly as we can. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable as fast as possible. If you need help, don’t panic – simply give us a call.

Dental emergencies

There are lots of different scenarios and situations that may result in a dental emergency, from sporting accidents, fighting and road incidents to unexpected chips and fractures caused by biting down on hard foods or trying to open a bottle with the teeth. Whatever your injury, we will do our best to help.

If you have a broken tooth, experience severe dental pain, have pain that is getting worse or have a tooth knocked out, it is advisable to seek urgent advice from your dentist. We will always do our best to see you as quickly as possible. Symptoms and signs to look out for include pain, weakness and tenderness around a tooth and noticeable damage to the tooth structure, such as a large chip.

When you come to the practice, your dentist will ask you about your symptoms and carry out an examination. The first thing we need to do is work out what the issue is and what has caused it. Once we have this information, we can discuss the relevant treatment options with you. In the case of a broken tooth, a large chip or severe decay, restorative treatment will probably be recommended. This may involve a filling for decay and a crown, inlay or onlay for a broken tooth. If you have a dental abscess, this will be treated using a procedure to drain and remove the sore.

Preventing dental injuries

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and while some injuries are impossible to avoid, there are often steps you can take to protect your teeth and gums. These include:

  • always wear a seatbelt
  • never use your teeth to open bottles or take labels off clothing
  • take extra care when eating hard foods, such as sweets and popcorn
  • always wear a mouthguard if you are playing contact sport or participating in a fighting sport

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