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Jan 14th, 2010 Dental implant Q and A with a Central London dentist Get in touch

Q. What exactly is a dental implant?

A. it is an artificial tooth designed to replace one tooth that has become damaged

Q. What advantages does an artificial tooth have against a natural one?

A. It is designed from new by a Dentist, it solves all the problems the original tooth had

Q. What sort of problems are they likely to be?

A. Replace missing teeth  caused by decay or trauma. Like plastic surgery can improve your nose or eyes or eliminate wrinkles, a dental implant can give you a perfect looking, fitting and usable tooth

Q. Is it as expensive as plastic surgery?

A. when it comes to our teeth price shouldn’t be a problem, fortunately dental implants aren’t too expensive like plastic surgery, which often needs to re-done every few years. A dental implant should last you for decades. As a dentist in Central London said recently “we are not as expensive as London”.

Q. Is it painful, during the procedure and afterwards?

A. Not especially so, pain management methods these days are quite incredible. All most patients suffer is a little discomfort for a few days while the mouth heals, and they adjust to the new tooth

Q. What is the procedure exactly? Please be as graphic as necessary

A. It isn’t that graphic at all, first an X-ray is taken of the jaw, and a mould made of the gap left by the removal or loss of the old tooth. A tooth is made to fit exactly into the gap. A hole is drilled into the jaw . The new tooth is then simply screwed into the plate. It really is that simple and only leaves a little discomfort.

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