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Apr 12th, 2011 Dental implants from Central London dentists: The secure solution to missing teeth Get in touch

Your natural teeth are very resilient indeed, held in place by strong bones in your jaw, but they can be lost for several reasons. Playing certain dangerous sports or having a particular occupation can put your teeth at risk of being lost, following an accident. Gum disease and tooth decay too can mean that teeth come out or have to be removed. It is very important that you get them replaced as soon as possible, as will be obvious by the difficulties that you might face when eating or drinking without a full set of teeth.

One option for replacing lost teeth that is worth your serious consideration is having dental implants fitted. They really are the permanent, reliable and secure solution to tooth loss and, in terms of actually replicating teeth, they are the finest option available. A dental implant is, in essence, a substitute for the root of your tooth. It is a lot like a socket, into which a replacement tooth can be screwed.

They need to be placed under your gum in an operation that is carried out under local anaesthetic. Your Central London dentist will be careful to place it tight against the jaw bone for a very important reason. The reason is that the titanium that dental implants are made from has a unique property: they can fuse with live bone in a process that medical scientists call osseointegration.

This fusion with the bone means that the teeth fitted into the implants have an incredibly stable and enduring housing in the mouth. Dental implants are not a cheap option but they are so long term and reliable that you won’t have to think about the fact that you have lost teeth again.

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