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Sep 10th, 2012 Dental Implants in the City of London Get in touch

One of the biggest challenges for dentists in the city of London is the issue of tooth loss and up until a few years back, the only options available to most people were dentures and dental bridges. Yet behind all of this, bubbling away in the background were dental implants. This was a very exclusive option as it was still pretty much done by only a few specialists in special locations- but even though the treatment was lengthy, it was starting to get results and becoming recognised worldwide. The problem with the treatment in the early days was that it was akin to a full blown operation in the mouth and the recovery period could be very lengthy. So, leap forward 40 years and  you are into a completely different world of computers and lasers that have revolutionised dental implant treatment to the point that it is now available everywhere in the UK and done with ease and precision by your local dentist. Fitting a dental implant now is as easy as having a filling done; the laser has reduced healing times and made the treatment efficient, cheap, and available to all, the perfect answer to tooth loss.

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