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Aug 11th, 2011 Dental implants represent the peak of permanence when it comes to replacing teeth, say City of London dentists Get in touch

One of the most staggering advances in dental science in the twentieth century must be the advent of dental implants. This staggering procedure allows dentists to replace lost teeth in a fashion that is essentially permanent. Many millions of patients have been delighted with results that are more durable than dental bridges and more seamless and convenient than dentures. To find out more, read on and be amazed.

It is a problem that dental practitioners have wrestled with for many, many decades and before the age of professional dentistry, normal people would have posed the same question: how can lost teeth be replaced in a fashion that is permanent and enduring? The breakthrough came with the discovery that the metal titanium can fuse with living human bone. This discovery was utilised in dentistry by those who came up with the idea of placing a socket beneath the gum, into which a replacement tooth can be screwed.

The results are realistic, durable replacement teeth which are housed in an incredibly secure foundation once the titanium has ‘osseointegrated’ with the jaw bone. The procedure does require surgery under local anaesthetic and as such patients have to have generally good health in order to undergo it. Dental implants are not a cheap option either but the results will last a life time.

Speak to your City of London dentist if you are after a consultation. Having dental implants in your mouth will mean an end to unsightly gaps in your smile and stop your teeth from shifting into the gaps left behind by lost teeth. They can also be combined with dental bridge work in cases where all the teeth have been lost.

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