Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Feb 6th, 2010 Dental implants, the facts by a West London dentist Get in touch

An implant is a cosmetic procedure that replaces a damaged tooth with an artificial one. It acts the same as the real tooth did, and is anchored to the jaw just like the replaced one says a West London dentist. They are not a new idea though, the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans of South America used Ivory and sea shells to replace bad or misshaped teeth. They didn’t have false teeth as later civilisations had; they actually drilled the jaw and glued the dental implant in place. Today we use materials that are artificially made and are much harder than the teeth they replace, but the first modern ones were made of titanium. This hard non-ferrous material was first used by a Professor of Anatomy at a Swedish University in the 1950s, Per-Ingvar Brånemark noticed that the Titanium implants that he had placed in a rabbits femur had adhered to the bone. In 1965 after many years of research he successfully made the first Titanium dental implant in a Swedish man named Gösta Larsson. Today the procedure is far simpler and much less painful and uncomfortable, it starts with a few X-rays and then a tooth is sculptured with a screw on the top. This is then screwed and glued into a hole drilled into the jaw; the result is a naturally looking, feeling and functioning tooth that fits in with the healthy teeth around it. The cost is lower than it used to be because of the advances that make it all so simple and easy to apply. It certainly beats having a plate with false tooth that needs to be constantly glued into place every day. The tooth lasts a lot longer, wears a lot better and as it has no nerves is a lot less susceptible to disease and infection. This is all possible because of harmless research carried out on an animal famed for its teeth.

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