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Feb 12th, 2010 Dental pain explained by a West London dentist Get in touch

Dental pain can be caused by a number of problems; an accidental knock to the teeth can dislodge a tooth, fracture it or even in extreme cases knock it out. However, a West London dentist says that in most cases dental pain is due to an infection. This can be anything from a small bacterial infection to an ulcer or even an abscess. All these cases are usually cleared up quickly with antibiotics, and after the infection is gone the dentist can get to the root cause to try to prevent it happening again. A cracked tooth can be very painful indeed as it often opens up a way to the nerve ends, a temporary repair using sugar free gum or dental cement is the first stage to pain relief. Repair kits are available at most chemists, but you really need to get a dentist as soon as possible before the damage is further increased. A tooth ache is the most excruciating pain most of us will experience; it is a long standing throbbing pain that is controllable using Paracetamol or another pain killer if the patient is allergic. An abscess is the most common cause of dental pain and is often caused by a weak tooth, the gum becomes prone to infection and no matter how hard you try; the infection can keep coming back. After a few times your dentist may recommend that the tooth be taken out, this usually stops the infection and subsequently the pain. In extreme cases the dentist may give the patient a gum injection to relieve the pain, but this is very rare, it should be noted that a dentist and not a doctor should the first port of call in cases of dental pain.

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