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Jan 4th, 2011 Dental phobia can have terrible side effects discuss your problem with a trustworthy central London dentist. Get in touch

A phobia can be best described as an irrational fear which people feel towards particular situations and things, which in turn leads to totally avoiding everything associated with that situation or thing. Quite often those suffering from phobias can have reactions that are extremely volatile around the feared stimulus and can sometimes even provoke an anxiety or panic attack. Dental phobia is pretty much the same as having a fear of dental treatment however it differs greatly in its intensity and it is a lot stronger. Generally the fight or flight reaction occurs around thoughts about the dentist or being at a dentist let alone actually going for treatment so obviously someone with dental phobia will avoid going to the dentist at all costs. This of course differs to dental anxiety which is a reaction to an unknown danger and is quite common especially if it is a procedure that is unexpected, however it is hard to determine if someone has dental phobia as to some people anxiety may seem just as bad as a phobia. The most common factors involved with a phobia are usually a bad experience at the dentist, or an uncaring dentist. In addition to this there are those who have a history of abuse are more likely to have a phobia of dental treatment. If you are suffering from dental phobia a central London dentist will offer all the advice and treatment you should need to come to terms with your problem, there are various ways of tackling the problem most prominently psychological counselling and sedation for procedures.

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