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Feb 17th, 2020 Dental Phobia – The Facts Get in touch

Dental phobia is no joke. Not only can it make every trip to the dentist feel like a waking nightmare, but it also ranks alongside sugar, smoking and other no-nos as one of the chief causes of poor dental health.

The reason isn’t hard to guess. Those living with dental phobia are often reluctant to seek treatment. Missed visits soon add up, leading to easily treated conditions turning into serious problems.

The thought of undergoing prolonged treatment only serves to harden the resolve of patients to avoid visiting the dentist at any cost.

We dental professionals call this the cycle of fear. And if it sounds familiar, our advice is to break the cycle as soon as possible.

You can do so with help from a dentist who understands the challenges of overcoming dental phobia and by adopting some simple coping strategies to make things easier.

The first thing to do is open a dialogue with your dentist. This in itself may be enough to allay your fears. Your dentist will also be able to reassure you by putting plans in place to keep you in control of treatment.

Using a simple hand-gesture when treatment becomes too uncomfortable, for example, can help put you back in control.

Other coping strategies include bringing a friend along to the clinic and even listening to some relaxing music.

Want to bring your favourite essential oils to take your mind off things? No problem. With a phobia-friendly dentist like the team at Aqua Dental, nothing is off-limits.

The point is, you may never discover what works for you until having that all-important conversation!

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