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Jan 23rd, 2010 Dental veneers; a London W1 dentist explains the facts and myths Get in touch

Almost everyone has a veneer in their house, usually in the form of a piece of furniture. It is a sliver of natural wood that is fitted and polished over less inferior woods to make it appear as if the whole piece is solid. That is exactly what a tooth veneer is as well says a London W1 dentist, usually a patient will consult their dentist to see if a veneer will cure a problem they have with a tooth or a whole row in some cases. These problems can be anything from a discoloured tooth to a misshapen or even chipped one. The dentist will examine the tooth and see if it is a good candidate for a veneer, they may recommend a crown instead. If the patient is a good candidate then a mould is made of the tooth, from this the veneer is sculptured and coloured to fit over the problem tooth, and also to fit in colour wise with the other teeth. A fitting is then done to make sure all is fine, and some fine tuning may be necessary to make the veneer more natural. Then the dentist is ready to fit it, they will skim a top layer of enamel off the offending tooth and simply cement the veneer onto the tooth. If the veneer becomes damaged by a crack or chip, then it is easily replaced as it can not be repaired in most cases. The cost has come done a lot in recent years with more people opting for this simple solution to dental problems. Little or no discomfort is felt either during or after the procedure, the patient may feel a little strange with the new tooth, so to speak, but the mouth will generally get used to it after a few days, all in all a simple and quick solution to what used to be a major dental problem.

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