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Nov 23rd, 2011 Dentist in West London Warns Patients About Harmful Complications of Untreated Abscessed Tooth Get in touch

An abscessed tooth is a severe infection that occurs at the root of your tooth. Without prompt attention from your dentist in West London, serious and dangerous complications can threaten your health. Even if you are no longer feeling pain from the abscessed tooth, the infection is spreading. If it is not drained and healed quickly, the infection may spread throughout your mouth and sometimes throughout your body, internal and external. An abscessed tooth requires immediate attention from a dentist straight away. If you are no longer feeling the sharp, throbbing, or shooting pain, it is likely that the infection has damaged the nerves of the infected area. The untreated infection will deteriorate the bones of your jaw and the hard tissue of your teeth. If ignored, an untreated abscessed tooth will result in the loss of the tooth and possibly surrounding teeth as the infection spreads. The most extreme cases of untreated abscessed tooth results in patients needing hospital care. Inflamed tissues of the mouth can suffocate you. There is at least one reported instance of a death resulting from an untreated abscessed tooth. This is not an issue to be taken lightly. If caught in time, treatment for an abscessed tooth is effective. However, ignoring the problem will make the matter significantly worse with dangerous complications. Please seek treatment right away.

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