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Mar 9th, 2010 Dentist that takes of you as well as your mouth is a must says a Dentist in W1 London Get in touch

Doctors have a thing called a `bedside manner`, and so your dentist should have a similar `manner`, the good news is that most dentists have been on courses to achieve just that. According to a dentist in London’s W1 area this attitude is now paying off big time. The problem in the past has always been that dentists don’t do home visits, mainly because they need their surgery equipment in order to treat you for around 90% of problems. The new `manner` comes in the form of many factors, and one factor is the way they are now pushing preventative dental care. We all tend to think of a dentist as a cash making business, a business that hopes we will have lots of problems that they can treat us for. However, we couldn’t be further from the truth as our dentists have always been approachable to discuss preventative programs. Maybe it was the fact that not many dentists are available on the NHS, and that we tend to think talking to them will send up the bill. In recent years the Dental Association have been pushing the benefits of giving patients good advice to encourage them into a healthy and disciplined regime of oral hygiene. Believe it or not your dentist doesn’t want to see you that often, they are not being horrible, just more caring as every time you visit they feel they aren’t doing their job properly. The dental hygiene nurses have also been on courses to improve their relationship with the patients, if they can get you to be more aware then they will also feel a lot of job satisfaction. It also means that more people get registered with a dentist which can only be a good thing.

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