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Oct 8th, 2010 Dentistry for children at Central London dentist Get in touch

Looking after the health of your children’s teeth should start as soon as they are born, even before the teeth have come through. Children’s gums are still susceptible to bacteria and plaque so you should be wiping them with a wet gauze or soft towel after feeding to keep them clean. You should also be taking them for a dental check up every six months from a very early age.

Once the teeth start to develop you will need to start cleaning the teeth gently again with either a gauze or a soft bristled brush. You can receive advice about looking after their teeth and which brushes to use from your Central London dentist. Once they start to reach a certain age you should start to educate them about brushing their own teeth and the importance of doing this. Try not to force them to do this as this might cause a resentment towards brushing. Turn it into a game or reward them for doing it well. This will help to develop good dental health practices and hopefully ensure a lifetime of good dental health.

There are dentists who specialise in treating children’s teeth. Because children’s teeth are smaller and more fragile, some dentists receive extra training in how to look after them. Paediatric dentistry is a very skilled profession and is also very important for the health of children’s teeth.

Taking your child to a dentist for a check up every six months will also help to get your child used to visiting the dentist. It can be a slightly frightening experience for a child to visit a dentist if they are not used to it, so the more frequently they visit the more natural it will become.

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