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Jun 28th, 2011 Dentistry without the pain! Waterlase methods at Central London dentists delight patients Get in touch

For many people who suffer from dental phobia (the fear of visiting the dental surgery) the main thing that makes them feel anxious is the thought of the dental drill. But technology has conspired to produce and effective way of carrying out many of the same procedures as drill but using jets of water instead! Patients are reporting that the benefits are immediate and obvious and they are a lot happier to go to the dentist for vital work.

Caries removal, some gum procedures and cavity protection can now be carried out using a new method called Waterlase. Jets of water that are enhanced with lasers perform the same functions as a dental drill but without the skull-shaking vibrations and high pitched whining sound. All in all, when the drill is silent, a dental surgery is a more pleasant place to be for every one.

Dentists are finding that they can be far more accurate with their work when they use Waterlase and are delighted that many patients are simply more relaxed in the surgery. The increased accuracy is reducing the length of time it takes to complete some procedures, meaning that you need not necessarily take the whole morning or afternoon off work to have a dental job done in your mouth.

If this all sounds like welcome news to you because you’ve been putting off a vital piece of work, have a chat with your Central London dentist and ask them if they are using Waterlase in their surgery. This silent, accurate and pain-free improvement to the dental drill is becoming more widely used in the United Kingdom and you can benefit from it.

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