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Sep 14th, 2011 Dentists in London W1 point out that home oral hygiene must go further than simply brushing Get in touch

If you want to avoid the inconvenience and pain involved in tooth decay and gum disease then you will need to institute a home oral care routine that is fit for purpose. If you are presently only brushing your teeth and believe that that is enough then you might be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks from the effects of plaque bacteria and tartar.

Once you have brushed your teeth it is really important that you don’t miss out the next step: flossing. Buy some dental floss from your local pharmacy or super market; it doesn’t cost much and one box will last a long time. Pull a length of the medicated floss from the box and tear it off. You should be using sufficient amount that gives you good few inches to work with.

Hold it firmly at either end of the floss and then pull it through the gap between two of your teeth. Repeat this process until you have done your whole mouth. This is only way you can ensure that plaque and food debris is not left in these gaps to do its damage to teeth and gums.

Think about your diet as well as the lifestyle choices you make. These things can also have a bearing on your oral hygiene and can mean the difference between healthy teeth and gums and trips to your London W1 dentist to have your cavities filled and gum disease cured.

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