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The great enemy of healthy teeth is a substance called plaque. It is highly acidic and is formed when we eat and drink certain foods. The greatest culprits are those substances that contain high levels of sugar and or starch. Plaque is unavoidable although dietary decisions can reduce the amount of plaque that we are exposed to. If plaque is allowed to build up to a great extent then it will begin to cause teeth to decay.

We only get one set of healthy teeth in our lives; teeth do not have the ability to grow back. So if your teeth start to decay then it is vital that something is done about it. The process of decay will not just stop of its own accord. Once small holes begin to appear in the hard, protective layer of enamel which coats all of your teeth, they will continue to grow larger until the structural integrity of teeth is compromised. By this stage the teeth might be better removed because it is no longer serving any purpose by being in the mouth.

Dentists used to fill cavities by using metal. Those of a certain age will probably be familiar with the unsightly dark patches which used to be commonplace in dental patients mouths. Nowadays, dentists have developed a new way of filling cavities and it is called cosmetic bonding. The use of cosmetic bonding allows dentists to fill cavities with a malleable, tooth coloured substance that looks better and is easier to work with.

Aside from being diligent with your brushing and flossing, you can guard against dental decay by being sure to visit your City of London dentist every six months so that your mouth can be checked for signs of cavities.

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