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Aug 29th, 2011 Dentists in West London advise patients about chewing gum benefits for excellent oral health Get in touch

Several decades ago it would have been inconceivable that any dentist would advise their patients about the potential benefits of chewing gum. For a long while, chewing gum was one of the enemies of healthy teeth because of the way it exposed those who chewed it to sugar for long periods of time, leaving their teeth at great risk of erosion from plaque. But that has all changed now and dentists are telling patients that chewing gum can be good for their teeth after all.

The biggest change that precipitated this was when chewing gum manufacturers started to remove sugar from their product. At this point, the benefits of chewing gum began to become apparent to all. The first thing to understand about chewing gum benefits is that the process of chewing chewing gum causes the mouth to produce extra saliva. This vital substance is not only crucial in the early digestion of food, it is also a natural defence against plaque.

The fact is that you might not always be in a situation where you can brush your teeth after a meal but you can always pop a lozenge of chewing gum in your mouth and give it a chew. It should be remembered that chewing gum is not an adequate substitute for tooth brushing and flossing but it will help in the short term.

Chewing gums moistens the mouth too so bad bacteria cannot survive there as easily. This, combined with the flavouring of chewing gum, allows breath to become freshened too, making social meetings flow more easily. Have a chat with your dentist in West London if you want to know about the benefits of chewing gum.

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