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Jul 15th, 2011 Dentists in West London offer endodontics for patients with problems inside their teeth Get in touch

Most of the problems that many people are familiar with when it comes to teeth, are those affecting the outside of teeth, such as cavities or excess plaque. In fact there is a whole other side to dentistry that is concerned with the vital interior of your teeth. This is called endodontics and the word, which might not be familiar to that many people, has its origins in the Greek words for inside (‘endo’) and teeth (‘dontics’).

Far from either being solid blocks of enamel or hollow and empty, your teeth have many vital things inside them. This area is called the pulp chamber and it contains a number of tissues, veins and nerve endings. It should be adequately protected by the hard outer layer of your teeth but sometimes problems can occur with the material in the pulp chamber and they will need to be sorted out so that your teeth does not become beyond repair.

If this happens then endodontic surgery will be required. The most common form of endodontics is root canal treatment. This is necessary if an infection has begun in the pulp chamber, perhaps through a trauma that affected the mouth or a result of a deep cavity that has allowed germs into the chamber and an abscess has formed.

Rather than drilling into the tooth, root canal treatment involves gaining entry to the pulp chamber via the root canal which carries the nerves and veins into the tooth through the root. The pulp chamber is cleaned out so that no infection remains and the tooth can return to good health.

Find out more information about the complex and vital work that goes into endodontic surgery from your West London dentist.

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