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Dentures are a device that is made to replace missing teeth which is made to fit on the surrounding soft and hard tissue of the oral cavity where the missing teeth are. There are two main categories of dentures which are determined by which teeth they are used to replace those on the mandibular arch (bottom set of teeth) or the ones on the maxillary arch (top set of teeth). Dentures can help a patient suffering from tooth loss in a number of ways; first the ability chew food is improved, also aesthetically it vastly improves the natural appearance of the face as the dentures replace the teeth as support for the facial structure, also having teeth improves enunciation of words, and finally it greatly improves the patient’s confidence. There are two kinds of dentures, partial dentures used to replace a small amount of teeth, and complete dentures which are used to replace an entire set. The process of getting dentures involves a number of visits to the dentist, first the dentist will have to examine and remove any remaining damaged teeth and deal with any problems such as gum disease. Before getting dentures these procedures need time to heal properly during which time a temporary set will be given until you are ready for the permanent ones. The dentures need be regularly cleaned and should be taken out at night time and placed in cold water, also brushing your gums and the roof of your mouth twice daily is recommended to keep healthy gums. To discuss improvements or to get dentures speak to a London W1 dental practice for all the advice needed.

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