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Mar 14th, 2011 Dentures in London’s W1 Get in touch

Unlike their predecessors, many modern dentists in W1 are very sympathetic to patients who have lost some, or even all of their teeth and that now require dentures. Dentists are trained to understand the fears of their patients and with modern denture technology at their fingertips, they are in good position to offer you the best treatment to get you through, what can often be with tooth loss, a very traumatic time. Dentists prefer to save as many teeth as they can these days, because partial dentures, such as Cu-Sil, anchor more stably around remaining teeth. But even if all the teeth have gone, dentures have advanced incredibly to give you back your freedom again. Before false teeth looked ‘false’, were made from plastic and it made it difficult to keep them in the mouth, even with a fix-a-dent. Dentures are made from a lot softer materials today, which adhere to the gums more firmly. Combined with modern adhesives and mini-implants that lock the dentures into place, they can give you back a quality of life that you thought you’d never see again. For health reasons, dentures can also help retain the shape of your face and protect the mouth’s occlusion or ‘bite’.

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