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Nov 20th, 2010 Dermal fillers in central London Get in touch

We often think that beauty is the preserve of the young, and it’s maintenance, the domain of the rich and famous, but in central London, it’s available to all. Cosmetic treatments to fend of ageing, for a while, were all ‘cut and slice’. But the more technology advances our understanding of the human condition, ageing treatments are leaning more towards non surgical techniques such as botox and dermal fillers, not only to fight the ageing process in the cases of wrinkles and lines, but also for restoring injuries. Dentists have also picked up the gauntlet of these treatments as they involve simple, precise injections similar to that of local anaesthetics administered to the mouth for dental procedures. Dermal fillers reinstate ‘youth’ to tired areas, injecting collagens or hyaluronic acids into areas around the mouth, firming the skin and regenerating old cells; halting and in some cases, reversing the ageing process: the perfect accompaniment to any recent dental work done. It lasts up to a year before a top-up is required and is quick (treatment up to 1 hour) and fairly cheap at around £300.

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