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At Aqua Dental Spa, we use the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment to identify, diagnose and provide effective treatment for oral diseases. Our aim is to ease discomfort and get rid of dental disease as quickly as possible.

Detecting oral diseases

Sometimes, it’s possible to detect and diagnose oral diseases just through close examination. Our dentists are highly skilled and experienced and are trained in identifying warning signs and symptoms. In some cases, it is necessary to carry out additional tests such as X-rays to determine the nature of an injury or infection and gauge the severity. Obtaining information is essential for making an accurate diagnosis and it also helps to ensure the right course of action is taken in terms of treatment.

Treatment options for dental diseases

There are various treatment options available for dental diseases and infections:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when the enamel is eroded and weakened by plaque acids released by bacteria. These acids cause holes to develop in the protective outer layer. The most common solution for a cavity is a filling. Fillings restore the tooth surface and help to prevent infection from spreading through the tooth. In the case of severe decay, when an infection has spread to the pulp (the living tissue of the tooth) we may recommend root canal treatment and a new crown. Root canal treatment is often the only alternative to extraction.


Dental abscesses are fluid-filled sores and are very painful. They are caused by bacteria. Unlike other abscesses, dental abscesses must be treated by dentists. They are removed and drained, rather than being treated with antibiotics like other types of abscess.

Gum disease

Mild cases of gum disease are often treated with oral hygiene treatments that banish bacteria and clear away plaque and tartar. In cases of severe gum disease, treatment requires a long-term approach with regular hygiene sessions and procedures such as root planing and frequent scale and polish treatments. In the most severe cases, surgery may be required.

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