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Sep 20th, 2013 Diabetes and the link with Periodontal Disease in West London Get in touch

5291159_blogPeriodontal disease can be a real killer for your mouth in west London; it is a form of gum disease and once it sets in, it will wipe your teeth out altogether. However in doing so, the toxins from this disease can diminish the body’s immune system which can then lead to the onset of diabetes breaking out. This is a bad condition to get as it means you have to change the whole way you think about your life in the future. Strangely though, this process can work in reverse as well: if you already suffer from diabetes- again, your immune system is very weak already now and you have to be very careful with what you do in life. However this can also lead to a lack of saliva in the mouth and then guess what, it leads you straight into periodontal disease and can destroy your gums again. You have to work on this very hard indeed and get all of the information you can- so sit down one day and have a good chat with your dentist if you have any problems with both diabetes and gum disease- it could be good for your general health in the future.

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