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Jan 11th, 2010 Diabetics need to take extra care in dental hygiene says a West London dentist Get in touch

Diabetes is bad enough to contend with, but not many people are aware that it brings increasing dental problems to the patient. A dry mouth is what a diabetic usually experiences as a warning that their sugar levels are high, a dry mouth is a perfect breeding ground for germs that cause gum and periodontal diseases. A West London dentist recently warned his diabetic patients of the extra care they need to take, especially with their oral care routine. A high sugar content in the blood system is a symptom of Diabetes; it is caused by a lack of insulin in the body. The body produces insulin naturally and feeds it into the blood, the insulin then attaches itself to glucose (sugar) and fats, then it opens the doorway into muscles and organs to feed them energy. If the insulin is not there the fats and glucose cannot enter the body’s vital organs to feed them, and so it stays in the blood, building up to dangerous levels. When we get an infection in our mouth and the gums bleed, the bacteria accelerates in its evolution by feeding on the high levels of sugar in the blood. So, first things first, if you’re diabetic get your sugar levels under control with a healthy diet, and the correct medication. Take extra care with oral hygiene by flossing more often and rinsing the mouth with water, drinking at least 4 pints of water a day will also help to keep down both your dental and diabetic problems. Fresh fruit and vegetables, brown bread and sugar free products are all useful in keeping the body healthy, and your diabetes under control by combating the breeding of bad germs in the mouth, your teeth will last longer, and the visits to the dentist will be reduced.

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