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Dec 12th, 2012 Dicing with Dentures in London W1 Get in touch

The thought of tooth loss and having to have dentures fitted could lead you to head for Eastbourne and live on your pension until the end, and a lot of this image has been caused by the hideous dentures that your family may have been fitted in their day.. But life has dramatically shaped up since then and dentures have gone through a severe make-over and made them a really good alternative to dental bridges or the more expensive option of implants in London W1. It’s because the treatment of gum periodontal disease has improved, it has helped in keeping teeth in the mouth, which has seen a great rise in the use of partial dentures: these look natural, wrap around the teeth easier than ever before, are strong and easy to wear and simple to deal with late at night when removed. But within this has come the use of better materials in their manufacture and this is so evident when it comes to the use of full dentures. Materials have become softer and more durable, and they adhere to the mouth better than before; they also look better and natural. Of course throw in better adhesives and mini dental implants and you have dentures that are in through the mightiest thing you want to sink your teeth into!

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