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Sep 2nd, 2011 Dietary considerations and dental health: find out the facts from dentists in the City of London Get in touch

Brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are things that most people know are crucial to good dental health. What is less well publicised is the fact that your dietary choices can affect the level of your oral hygiene as well. You should take this into consideration when you are choosing what to eat because you don’t want to compromise your oral health because of your dietary choices.

Of course most people know of the effects of eating too many boiled sweets, for example. Full of sugar and with a tendency to stick to your teeth for long after you have been eating them, these can contribute to a large amount of plaque in the mouth. But anything with high levels of sugar should be eaten with restraint when it comes to thinking about your oral hygiene.

Other foods that can be damaging for teeth include things like fruit and potato crisps. Fruit is very good for you generally and contains plenty of vitamins but it is also high in sugars too. The habit of eating cheese as the very final course in a meal can be explained in part because of how it helps to naturally remove some of the sugar from one’s teeth. Crisps are a problem because of their texture and the way fragments of them tend to hang around in the mouth after they have been eaten.

Dentists in the City of London recommend that a special effort is made to brush your teeth after you have eaten any food which tends to produce a lot of plaque bacteria.

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