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Feb 11th, 2010 Digital X-ray is the future says a City of London dentist Get in touch

Digital X-rays are a really useful tool to a dentist; new patients will almost always be X-rayed to ascertain the health of their teeth. X-rays use radiation and this gives them a limited usage, pregnant women are prone to radiation and during a pregnancy their teeth tend to play up. The answer to the problem is a digital method of seeing what an X-ray sees; the reduction in radiation can be as high as 80%. Using a machine similar to a cat scanner, the image is taken using a method of computography. This is a combination of photography using a computer to capture the image, this allows the dentist to enhance the image, spin it around and get an analysis of diseases using colour coding. Welcome to the 21st century says a City of London dentist; although the cost is somewhat higher per image, the information available is now much more detailed. For pregnant women it is a God send, for the conventional patient it is a machine that often highlights defects and problems that conventional X-rays don’t tend to pick up. Like a cat scan the image can be dissected and spun to get a look at the tooth from different angles, this often exposes hidden gaps where bacteria are hiding and ready to explode into an infection. The other main advantage is that a dentist will be able to view the image within seconds of taking it, with conventional X-rays the film needs to be developed first just like a normal photograph taken using film. The digital image is a 3D one, an X-ray shows just one angle of the image and is in monochrome, this makes it difficult to analyse any dark areas of bacterial build up. The digital age is truly upon us and as far as dentists are concerned, it isn’t a day too soon.

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