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Braces. Just the word itself is enough to fill the hearts of many teenagers with dread. No one wants to stand out at that age and braces can make just that happen. Obviously everyone would like to have straight teeth but the thought of sacrificing up to three years of your most difficult teenage years to the metal brackets and wires of braces can be difficult to stomach.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way, as brace technology has advanced so much over the last ten years that now the options for straighter teeth are much greater than they once were. The traditional fixed metal brace is just one of many options that teenage patients can choose from.

Amongst others, braces and straighteners that have revolutionised the world of braces include the Inman aligner, Six Month Braces and Damon braces. Each of these has their own distinct advantages over traditional braces and very often involve treatments that last just a fraction of the time.

For example, the Inman aligner is capable of straightening teeth in as little as three or four months, although most commonly treatment lasts about six months. This is about a quarter of the time of conventional treatment and produces results equally as impressive. Other brace systems such as Invisalign offer treatments that are much more discreet. The plastic retainers of this system are almost impossible to spot when in the mouth and can be removed for cleaning, reducing the long-term impact of braces on the colour of the teeth.

To find out more about the possibility of braces you should make an appointment with a City of London dentist. They can advise you on which brace option is most suitable for your teeth and give you more information about cost and lengthy of treatment.

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