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Aug 29th, 2014 Discover The Magic Of A London Dental Implant Get in touch

18625010If you’re looking for a truly magical solution for a missing tooth or a number of lost teeth, we have good news! With our dental implants, you’ll be amazed what we can do; you’ll have a stunning new smile in no time.

About dental implants

Dental implants have breathed new life into the world of tooth replacement treatment and they offer an amazing array of benefits for patients of all ages with varying dental needs. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or you’re looking for an alternative to dentures for an entire arch of lost teeth, dental implants could prove to be the ideal option for you

Implants are small titanium appliances, which are shaped like screws; they are secured into sockets in the jaw bone to take on the roles of the tooth root. Once an implant has integrated into the bone, it is able to provide the same level of functionality and support as a natural root. Implants are versatile and they are compatible with different kinds of restoration, including dental bridges, dentures and single crown. Once the integration process is complete, the new restoration is attached to the implant and you can start enjoying a brand new smile.

What’s so good about implants?

Implants have a number of advantages: they last a very long time, they are versatile and they produce amazing results. With implants, you can do everything you could do before you lost your natural teeth and you look after your implants in exactly the same way, with no need to worry about daily rinsing and cleansing.

Implants represent a long-term option for patients and they are the closest match to a natural tooth. They don’t interfere with the neighbouring tooth roots or the tooth crowns and they can help to reduce the risk of bone loss.

With implants, we can transform your confidence and make day to day life enjoyable and hassle-free; call us now to find out more!

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