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Aug 20th, 2013 Discovering The Truth About Mouthwashes In The City Of London Get in touch

2591127_blogIt’s a funny thing about some things in life; you can never ever please everyone and someone is always going to moan about something or other in the city of London, and mouthwashes get this all the time: look at the facts people and then decide for yourself. Cheap mouthwashes can be quite well laced with alcohol which can kill off bacteria in your mouth and yet strangely, it can promote bad breath; some are so cheap they might as well not bother being on the shelves at all. However, mouthwashes do play an invaluable role in your daily oral hygiene if you make the right choice. Some are designed to do specific roles, just like your toothpaste does and can help in the fight on issues such as plaque, gum disease tooth decay and bad breath. After having work done in your mouth such as an extraction of a tooth or having an implant fitted, a medicated mouthwash can aid the healing process. It’s like anything in life; good car bad car, hot day cold day, can’t win them all and satisfy the world, but mouthwashes do play a role and in some cases, they play it very well.

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