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Cerec is a form of Ceramic dental reconstruction for the teeth, this involves using a restorative process which involves a dental professional making an indirect ceramic dental restoration using an array of computer assisted design technologies such as, CAD(computer aided design),CAM(computer aided manufacture), and 3D photography. Using this form of restoration it is possible for patients to be treated in a single visit. The dentist uses very strong, tooth coloured ceramic materials to restore the teeth. These materials match the composition of the natural tooth structure meaning when cold or hot drinks come into contact with them they expand and contract at almost the same rate of the tooth. In addition to this the material is chemically bonded to the teeth meaning it is very durable and strong. The dentist first prepares the tooth or teeth that are being restored so that they can fit the restoration. A 3D image is then taken of the tooth using a 3D camera which is uploaded to a computer. Cerec based software (CAM/CAD) is then used to extrapolate the data and to design the restoration for the tooth or teeth, this data is then sent to a milling machine which mills out the design which is applied to the tooth. To find out more about Cerec and ceramic dental restoration go to a west London dental practice to find out all the information you require.

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