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Dec 25th, 2013 Disease in the mouth in West London Get in touch

459343_blogIt doesn’t take a lot for things to get out of hand in your mouth in west London: plaque is an ever-present threat to your teeth and if it is not countered with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, it can lead to more sinister things; like gum disease. Plaque can lead to a build up of hardened tartar around the base of the teeth which will start to infect the gums and unless you do something about it quickly, your gums will become infected. Beating this can be easy if it is identified in its early stages- bleeding and weeping gums, but if you ignore these signs, you are not only going to ruin your mouth, but your body too. Gum disease, if left, will lead to decay in the bone structure below the teeth and then this will lead to tooth loss. During all of this, decay will set in and will damage the teeth themselves. The longer the disease is allowed to exist in and around your mouth, the harder it is to beat and it will take some very acute methods in order solve the problem: bone and tissue grafting isn’t a pleasant thing to go through, but you will have to if you have let things get out of hand and if you want to prevent losing your teeth.


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