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Dec 6th, 2012 Dishy Dental Crowns in London W1 Get in touch

There can be no doubt about just how cosmetic dentistry has impacted on all of us in London W1 and has allowed us to have better looking teeth like never before. But it is not always about the look, some procedures are there to help maintain the continuing health of our mouths too- the fitting of dental crowns is one of these. The teeth can suffer over time from decay or injury, even tooth loss, and it is imperative that they be repaired in order to maintain the alignment in the way the jaws bite together and here, crowns are the answer. They can be used in dental bridges, attached to dental implants or attached to a tooth that has been affected by decay or injury. Of course, you also want them to look good as well in order to keep your smile going. Most crowns are generally made with three distinct materials: porcelain, porcelain-over-metal or gold and each type is fitted so do a job. The back of the mouth has to withstand a lot of chewing forces, so the crown has to have strength; here gold or porcelain-over-metal would be the choice as they can withstand hard work. On the other hand, at the front on the mouth, the forces going through the teeth are not so strong, so the crown can be made from pure porcelain, although sometimes, gold is used, as some think it is quite trendy. These are also the rules applied when fitting crowns onto implants to counter tooth loss.


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