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Sep 24th, 2012 Dismissing the Decay in West London Get in touch

Tooth decay is probably the biggest threat to the oral health of people living in west London and you have to be constantly on your guard against it. Great oral hygiene is the key to combating the problem, as is keeping up with regular dental appointments and between the two, the issue should never arise. The thing is, life isn’t that simple and there will be times when you fall off the wagon and for whatever the reason or scenario behind you failing to do either or both, it’s the time that the bacteria will jump in and get to work on the surfaces of your teeth. Tooth decay is a result of poor hygiene that allows acids to eat their way through the enamel and into the teeth and it does it very quickly if left unchecked. The first signs of you having a problem are darting pains whenever you eat or expose the teeth to varying temperatures. This is the time that you have to get to your dentist quickly for an x-ray to determine how advanced the problem is; in its infancy, you will get away with a filling but if it’s worse, you will need to have root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. This should be a wakeup call for you: check your diet, check your lifestyle and then check the way you care for your teeth on a daily basis and if you are falling short of the hygiene criteria, then up the stakes to make sure the condition doesn’t rear its ugly head again.


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