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Aug 17th, 2011 Disrupted sleep might be caused by sleep apnea, say dentists in West London Get in touch

While you are sleeping, a lot is happening with your body. The positive is that you are recovering and resting, which is vital for you to be able to function the next day. Unfortunately, for some people, sleep is not always as smooth and trouble-free process as might be desirable. Snoring is a well known example of how sleep can be disrupted. Less well known is the condition known as sleep apnea. This article will explain how dentists can help with diagnosing it so you can deal with it properly.

Sleep apnea is what happens when the muscles at the back of your mouth relax too much during sleep. The immediate effect of this is that sufficient oxygen cannot get into your lungs and make its way to your brain. Sensitive to this (it’s part of what keeps humans and other creatures alive), the brain will send a signal to wake the body up so that more air can be taken in.

As a result of this, sufferers of sleep apnea will find that their sleep is very disruptive. What complicates things even further is that many sufferers don’t even know that they are waking up during the night as a result of sleep apnea. This can make it very hard to diagnose because patients might think they have had a good night asleep, only to find that they are severely fatigued during the day.

This is where the difficult effects that sleep apnea have on the lives of sufferers come in. Without the proper processes of recovery that sleep induces, people with sleep apnea can feel severely fatigued during their waking hours. Traffic accidents can ensue and accidents at work, not to mention the greater likelihood of heart attacks. With such close access to your mouth, your West London dentist can help diagnose sleep apnea by examining the rear of your mouth.

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