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Dec 22nd, 2014 Distance Yourself from Dental Disease this December Get in touch

iStock_000005952498SmallIn December, you’re probably far too busy to even think about taking time off or missing a Christmas party to nurse toothache or swollen gums, so we recommend taking steps to distance yourself from dental disease.

In the run-up to Christmas, here are some simple tips to keep dental diseases at bay:

Brush, brush, brush!

Good oral hygiene is the key to good oral health and spending time brushing and flossing will stand you in good stead for a pain-free Christmas. Take care to cover all your teeth when you brush and brush for the recommended 2 minutes each time. Avoid brushing too hard and always leave at least 45-60 minutes before brushing after eating. We recommend using fluoride toothpaste.

Have a pre-Christmas check-up

Check-ups allow dentists to have a look around the mouth and look out for any potential signs of dental problems. In most cases, the earlier symptoms are spotted, the better and this is particularly true at Christmas, when the last thing you want is to be visiting an emergency dentist on Boxing Day with a throbbing pain in your mouth. If you’re due a check-up, call today and book your appointment. If there are any issues, we can sort them in time for Christmas, leaving you free to put your feet up, catch your favourite festive films and enjoy a glass of bubbly.

Go easy on the festive treats

Nobody begrudges anyone the odd festive treat, but just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that you have to spend every available minute eating chocolates, crisps, nuts, breadsticks and sugared almonds. Try to eat sweet treats in moderation and if you can, avoid grazing during the day. Drinks can be as bad for your teeth as sweets and cakes, so watch out for fruit juices and smoothies, alcoholic drinks and fizzy pop and try to stick to sugar-free or diet versions and drink plenty of water. This will help to reduce the risk of unwanted post-Christmas hangovers, as well as tooth decay!

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