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Jun 4th, 2012 Do You Have Problems with a Dry Mouth? Treatments are Available from Your Local Dentist in the City of London Get in touch

Problems with the salivary glands, leading to a lack of saliva, can cause problems with dry mouths, known as ‘xerostomia’. About 20% of people are thought to suffer from some form of dry mouth. The local City of London dentist is able to offer guidance on prevention and treatment. Numerous factors can cause dry mouths, whether due to high stress, side effects from drugs, smoking, or allergies, dry mouth can be highly uncomfortable and a serious problem.

Your dentists will be able to pin point any environmental factors that may be causing your dry mouth. Some of the most common factors are smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Cutting back on these will likely have some impact on dry mouth problems. Many pharmaceutical drugs can also have side effects that cause dry mouths, many anti-depressants and anti-histamines are known common causes. Changing these environmental factors may help to remove dry mouth problems. Keeping very hydrated, avoiding sugary and salty foods, and using a lip moisturisers may all provide some relief. If problems become severe you should speak to your dentist about saliva stimulants and substitutes.

Having a dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but can lead to further dental problems. Saliva is important for naturally cleaning your mouth while eating. When experiencing dry mouth problems it is very important to frequently brush your teeth and regularly visit your local dentist for check-ups. Your dentist will help you treat your dry mouth and tell you how to prevent it from causing further dental problems.

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