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Jun 28th, 2012 Do You want Natural Fillings? Your Local Dentist in West London can Provide You with White Fillings Get in touch

These days the vast majority of people have one or more fillings. While silver amalgam fillings have been the most common for a while, new materials have been developed with the strength of silver but the cosmetic appeal of a natural, invisible look. Instead of being self-conscious about people seeing silver fillings when you laugh and smile, why not visit your local West London dentist about the advantages of white fillings.

Over the last decade, the development of composite resins to be used in white fillings has improved to allow close to the strength and endurance of silver fillings while having a natural colour.  Although they are referred to as ‘white’ fillings, the colour of the composite material can be matched with your natural colour to seamlessly blend into your teeth. There is a wide variety of different forms of white filling and your local dentist will be able to advice you which is the best for your individual needs.

The role of silver fillings is simply to fill the gaps in teeth that occur through tooth decay. To achieve this, dentists have to shape the tooth to hold the filling. White fillings have the advantage of moulding to the required shape and restoring the original structural integrity of the tooth. If you currently have silver amalgam fillings and want white fillings it is advised that you wait until the end of your current fillings life cycle, when the old filling needs to be replaced. Waiting for a replacement avoids any damage being caused from the extraction of the old filling.

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