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May 19th, 2014 Don’t Be A West London Dummy, You Don’t Have To Put Up With Being Gummy! Get in touch

Beautiful young lady smilingIf you dislike the appearance of your smile because you feel that there is a lot of gum tissue on show, you don’t need to suffer in silence! We can offer a very effective and simple solution to a gummy smile in the form of gum reshaping, which is also referred to as gum contouring.

What is a gummy-looking smile?

A gummy smile is an aesthetic issue, which can affect confidence but has no implications for oral or general health. There are no painful symptoms to deal with, but if you are unhappy with the look of your smile, this can affect how you feel about your looks and how you behave around others. A gummy smile is a term used to describe the look of the smile when there is a large amount of gum tissue covering the crown portion of the teeth. This often makes the teeth look short and small.

What is gum reshaping?

Gum reshaping is a cosmetic procedure, which is used to treat a gummy smile. It involves removing tiny pieces of the gum tissue and reshaping the gums to uncover more of the tooth and improve the look of the smile. This procedure improves the balance of the smile and makes the teeth look longer and larger.

Gum reshaping is done is under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything and the results are really impressive. Although only a small amount of the gum tissue is removed, the process can make a really big difference to the overall look of your smile. Treatment usually takes around an hour.

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth and you long for a more attractive smile, cosmetic dentistry can make the world of difference. Gum contouring is a simple, safe and quick procedure, which will have a really positive impact on your looks, as well as your confidence and self-esteem. Call us today to book our appointment.

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