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Aug 4th, 2011 Don’t put up with bothersome dental pain: see your City of London dentist to relieve the pain Get in touch

Anyone who has experienced a significant bout of tooth ache will be able to tell you how difficult it is to live with pain in their teeth. It can seem like it is the only thing in the world when you have a constant and throbbing pain in one or some of your teeth. Don’t hide away if you have dental pain; instead go and see your local City of London dentist to get to the bottom of why it is happening and then treat the causes effectively.

There is not one single reason for different peoples’ experiences of dental pain and dentists are able to identify with accuracy what are the individual causes. When plaque begins to wear down the enamel that coats teeth, leaving the nerves inside exposed, this can cause a dull ache in the teeth. Your dentist will need to fill in these cavities so that the tooth does completely lose its structure and begin to fully break down.

Patients who are grinding their teeth during their sleep might also experience a similar dull ache in their teeth. This is caused by the grinding process that will be wearing the enamel away and also the pressure that is put on the teeth.

In the most severe case of teeth, some infected material might be present actually within the tooth itself. This is what is called a tooth abscess and can be the result of an accident involving serious impact to the mouth area or the contamination of the tooth with bacteria that has got inside by some means. Your City of London dentist might recommend that you undergo root canal treatment in order to save the tooth.

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