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Jan 24th, 2015 Don’t Suffer Dental Pain in Silence in the Heart of London Get in touch

2839654_blogToothache, swollen gums and abscesses can be a real pain, but thankfully, we have the treatments and remedies to help make you feel more comfortable and banish dental pain for good. If you’re constantly plagued by tooth pain or you have pain that comes and goes, call now and make an appointment. You don’t have to suffer in silence!

What causes dental pain?

There are various possible causes of toothache, from decay and acid erosion to dental injuries and abscesses.

Decay and acid erosion cause the enamel to become weak, which can not only increase the risk of sensitivity, but also cause holes to form in the tooth surface. Sometimes you can feel a cavity if you run your tongue over the biting surface of the tooth and you may feel pain when you eat or drink something very hot or cold.

Dental injuries can occur in lots of different settings and scenarios, from the comfort of your own home or a rugby pitch to a powerful blow from an opponent in boxing or simply by trying to use your teeth as a bottle-opener. Examples of injuries that may cause you pain include chips and fractures.

Dental abscesses can also be a source of tooth pain and pain can be throbbing and severe. Often, it comes on very suddenly. Dental abscesses are sores that are filled with pus. They must be treated by dentists, as they are dealt with in a different way to other types of abscess and must be drained and removed.

What we can do for dental pain

There are various treatments we can use to help ease dental pain and the course of action we take is usually dictated by the cause of pain. In the case of a dental injury, we may recommend restorative treatment such as a crown, while we usually use fillings to treat cavities.

We make it our mission to ensure that you are pain-free as quickly as possible and we offer flexible appointment times. If you need dental help, simply call and we will see you as soon as we can.

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