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Jan 5th, 2015 Don’t Suffer This Christmas – Let London Dentists Treat Your Toothache Get in touch

2839658_blogThe last thing you want to do this Christmas is spend your hard-earned time off avoiding your favourite festive foods because of toothache. If you have tooth pain or you’ve had bouts of dental pain in the last few weeks, now is the time to call and make an appointment to get checked out. If you do need treatment of any kind, we can help to patch you up and ensure you’re on top form for the festive season.

Why have I got toothache?

There are various causes of toothache, from infections, cavities and dental abscesses, to dental injuries, broken teeth and worn enamel. Most commonly, toothache is caused by decay and the best course of action in the early stages is a filling. Fillings are used to fill cavities and they help to strengthen the tooth, as well as preventing the spread of harmful bacteria through the tooth.

If you’ve damaged a tooth playing sport, or in an accident or fall, this may result in dental pain. Usually, in the case of an injury, pain comes on very quickly. Treatment will depend on the severity and nature of the injury; options include fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays.

In some cases, tooth pain is caused by a dental abscess; an abscess is a sore, which is filled with pus. Abscesses tend to cause throbbing pain and the tooth also feels tender; there may also be inflammation around the tooth. Dental abscesses can only be treated by dentists; they are drained and then removed.

Preventing toothache

The best ways to prevent toothache are to maintain good oral hygiene, visit your dentist for routine check-ups every 6 months and stick to a healthy diet. Good oral hygiene prevents plaque formation and greatly reduces the risk of decay and gum disease, while regular visits enable us to spot any warning signs and address them as early as possible.

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