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Feb 19th, 2015 Don’t Suffer With Dental Pain, We Can Help You! Get in touch

4652780_blogIf you have dental pain or you’ve been struggling with sensitivity or toothache for weeks, we are here to help! Don’t suffer in silence. Call our friendly team now and we will do our best to have you fighting fit in no time!

What causes dental pain?

There are various possible causes of dental pain, including infection, decay, abscesses, broken teeth, gum disease and enamel wear, which is associated with acid erosion.

If you have a cavity, you tend to experience toothache from time to time. Sensitivity causes pain when your teeth come into contact with hot and cold things, such as cold air or hot drinks. If you have a dental abscess, this often causes throbbing pain, which can be severe.

If you have sudden pain, you’ve had pain for a while or you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, you should arrange to see your dentist.

What happens when I see my dentist?

When you come to a dentist with tooth pain, they will perform an examination and have a look at your mouth to look for clues about the cause of your pain. They may also carry out some dental X-rays. Once your dentist has established why you are suffering from dental pain, they will discuss the problem with you and talk to you about treatment options. The treatment provided will depend on the underlying cause and may include treatment for an abscess (draining and removal), a filling or crown, treatment for gum disease, root canal treatment or in extreme cases, tooth extraction. Sometimes, treatment will be carried out immediately or you may be asked to arrange a follow-up appointment.

If you need an urgent dental appointment, we will see you as quickly as possible. Simply call us and we will arrange to fit you in.


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