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Sep 25th, 2013 Down and out- the Credit Crunch affects your Check-ups London W1 Get in touch

478825_blog(2)There is no doubt that the world has gone through a financial crash of late- money has become tight, even in a wealthy place such as London W1. People tighten their money belts and trim back on things and this can also impact on certain elements of your health: your oral health can also suffer in times like this because people may skip a check-up or two with the dentist and then you truly are putting your mouth at risk. However talk to your dentist about any problems that are affecting you financially as you may well be able to hammer out a plan together that will at least allow you to continue get the dental care that you need. Yes times can get hard in these austere times and yes, you may not have a lot of cash floating around to spare. However, never put your health at risk because of it; things go wrong fairly fast in the mouth if you aren’t attentive and you could well find yourself in big trouble before you know it, and then you will find yourself forking out even more to get yourself repaired. The moral here is this- never miss out on a dental check-up…even if you are having money problems.

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