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Aug 25th, 2011 Dry socket problems dealt with efficiently by dentists in the City of London Get in touch

In the aftermath of having one of your teeth extracted, there will be a degree of pain. This is to be expected and is an unavoidable consequence of the process. For some people (as many as one in twenty cases of extraction) the pain won’t go away and is particularly severe. This might be the result of a condition called dry socket where the recovery of the site of a tooth extraction does not proceed as it ought to.

When a tooth is removed from the mouth it is hoped that the area will heal properly. Dentists do all they can to ensure this but sometimes it does not happen as the dentist and the patient would desire. The problem of dry socket occurs if the wound does not clot properly. Like any wound, the blood should clot, allowing the area to heal, before the requisite tissues can form over the site of the wound.

If you are on immune-suppressive drugs, taking a birth control pill or have a general problem with the way your blood clots then you might be familiar with the problem. In cases where these factors are not present, dry socket can occur in patients who fail to take adequate care of the wound. This can cause the blood clot to dislodge from the site. It is for this reason that dentists will advise patients not to suck through a straw after a tooth has been extracted or to smoke.

If you have had a tooth removed then you should keep in touch with your local dentist in the City of London so that any problems with dry socket can be dealt with effectively.

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