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May 2nd, 2014 Dynamic Dentures For W1 Patients Get in touch

2433646_sDentures have a bad name, usually because people think they look like the bulky sets of obviously false teeth lingering in dirty glasses by the bed in the films. However, we are here to bust the myth and promote amazing, modern dentures!

Our dentures are sleek, light, comfortable and amazingly lifelike and they can really make a difference to your quality of life, as well as the look of your smile.

About dentures

Dentures are sets of false teeth, which are held in place by the suction power of your gums. Dentures are designed to mimic natural teeth and once they are in place, your smile will look amazing and you will be able to enjoy excellent oral function; you can eat with ease and your speech will be clear. Dentures also help to make you look younger, as they support the cheeks and lips and prevent the cheeks from looking sunken.

Benefits of dentures

If you have a large number of missing teeth, this does not just affect the way your smile looks; it also has implications for your overall health, as the range of foods you can eat may be limited, your speech and your confidence. With dentures, you can enjoy all the functionality of a healthy set of strong teeth, as well as a beautiful new natural looking smile.

Denture treatment

All our dentures are made from the finest quality materials, which are designed with style and strength and durability in mind. Our dentures are custom-made for a perfect fit and enhanced comfort and we recommend regular checks so that we can keep an eye on the fit.  Treatment is very simple; we make an impression of your mouth, your dentures are tailor-made and then you can start life with your new smile!

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