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Sep 22nd, 2009 Early detection of oral cancer by London dentist could save your life Get in touch

If you have an irritating sore on the inside of your mouth it is a good idea to make an appointment at a dentists to have it examined. Oral cancers first manifest themselves as sores or growths that do not disappear naturally. Oral cancers, which include cancer in any part of the mouth, tongue or throat can be life threatening if not caught and treated early so it is always advisable to visit a dentist if you are unsure.

Men are twice as likely to suffer form oral cancer as women, with those over the age of 50 being particularly at risk. Alcohol and tobacco can significantly increase your chances of contracting oral cancer, especially when used excessively. Smokers are a massive 600 times more likely to get oral cancer than non-smokers. But it is important to remember that oral cancer can affect people who don’t smoke and drink only in moderation.

The symptoms or oral cancer include: the development of white or red patches in the mouth, cases of unexplained bleeding of the gums or mouth lining, having difficulty speaking, chewing or swallowing and swelling or unusual lumps developing in the mouth. Sudden and unexplained weight loss may also be a symptom.

There are of course more symptoms than described here so it really is best to consult a dentist. A London dentist will be able to check for oral cancer as part of your regular check up and can take a painless brush biopsy of any suspicious looking sores in the mouth and on the tongue. Patients who catch oral cancer early stand an 80 per cent chance of being successfully treated.

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