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Apr 12th, 2010 Early oral cancer detection at City of London dentist Get in touch

Cancer will affect one in three of us at some point in our lives and is one of the UK’s biggest killers. It is therefore important that we are aware of the signs and symptoms of all cancer, as early treatment is so fundamental to surviving this terrible disease.

Oral cancer is a common form of the disease with visible symptoms that if detected early enough has a better than 80 per cent survival rate. Oral cancer can affect anybody at any time but certain factors do make people more susceptible. Smoking and heavy drinking, particularly when done together, can make you many times more likely to contract oral cancer. Males tend to be twice as likely as females to suffer, especially males over the age of 40.

There are several signs to look out for that may be indicators of oral cancer. Small red or white sores in the mouth, resembling mouth ulcers, that don’t disappear naturally after a couple of weeks, may be the first sign. Other symptoms include unexplained bleeding in the mouth, toothaches and headaches. Any unexplained weight loss may also be indicative of oral cancer.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are experiencing any unusual activity or pain in your mouth, make an appointment to see a City of London dentist as soon as possible. It is also worth remembering that dentists are rained to spot the signs of oral cancer and can conduct a routine examination at your next check up.

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